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Storyteller & Illustrator

Hi! I am an illustrator based in the UK and graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2021. I have been the recipient of the Honorable Mention in the 2019 3x3 Illustration Awards, my works were chosen for the 2019 and 2020 Asia Illustrations Collections, and I am also the illustrator of the book “The Lost Flower Children” by Janet Taylor Lisle published in China. 

I love telling stories, especially for children. Everytime when I was sketching for a new idea, I imagined that if it turns out to be part of a story in a book and the book goes to young readers' hands, it could make them happy, it may enlighten them, and it might make a positive difference in their lives, nothing will give me more happiness and satisfaction than that. That's why after years of working in the IT industry, I decided to make a change and focus on making stories for the rest of my life.


Children's Book Illustrations



未命名作品 2 copy 12.jpg

The Red Triangle

There is a red triangle, it lives alone, it likes going outside for a run, to enjoy fresh air surrounded by nature. One day, it met a blue triangle, out of curiosity, they moved closer and closer, until they became a square! They were so happy together, they swam in the river, they skied on the mountain, they went for a run, and stayed together after the sunset, they felt so inseparable.

Another day, there came another triangle. Before the red triangle realized what had happened, the blue triangle had left.

It was alone again, it tried to come out, to the same river, same mountain, same hills, without the blue triangle anymore. It started to break, it broke into pieces.

But slowly, the pieces were changing, and when they recombined, it became a circle.

It started running again, surprisingly, it found itself running faster and faster, to places it would never have been able to get to before, and also met something new.

The Yellow Hat_cover.jpg

The Yellow Hat

Little Yellow found a yellow hat on the beach. It fit it pretty well.

Little Yellow went to the first place, it was told by others, that the hat shouldn't be yellow, it should be orange, so Little Yellow added some red to the hat, made it orange.

Little Yellow went to the second place, others told it that the hat shouldn't be orange, it should be green, so Little Yellow added some blue to make it green.

Little Yellow went to the third place, but was told that the hat should not be green, it should be purple, so Little Yellow added some pink to the hat, to turn it into dark purple.

Then it went to several places, added more colours to change the colour from its hat from time to time, until it was black...

The Magic Flower_cover.jpg

The Magic Flower

One day, I got a magic flower that helps me get what I want. I took off a red petal, and got a lot of fish! I took off a purple petal, and got the toy I wanted, I took off a green petal, and a lot of friends came to me! But I was not always that lucky, then something happened...

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